Duke University Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Check out Duke University Academic Calendar 2024-2025, Duke University is one of the great private institutions which was founded in the year 1838 with the total enrollment of 6692 students in the undergraduate program.

Duke University Academic Calendar

Like is any other University Duke University is also having its own academic calendar which we are going to provide today here on this page for the year 2021 to 2022. According to the addition of best colleges in national universities for the year 2022 University is ranked at the 8th position with the tuition and fees of approximately 55960 dollars.

Duke University Holidays 2024-2025

The new campus is also offering lots of activities in North Carolina which includes dining, entertainment, shopping, etc. The nickname of the city is the bull city which came from the Blackwell tobacco company’s tobacco named as Bull Durham. The students residing in the Duke University are placed in the campus for the first three years and their freshman life starts on the east campus of University.

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At present, there are 10 schools and colleges in which university is divided from which most of them are serving as undergraduate and graduate programs. The graduate programs which comes under the Duke University are highly ranked programs like Pratt School of Engineering, School of Nursing, Fuqua School of Business, School of medicine and Stanford school of public policy.

Duke University Calendar 2024-2025

Duke is also offering their graduate programs from the very popular divinity schools and Nicholas schools of environment. So this was the brief introduction about the Duke University now that is directly going through the academic calendar of 2021 to 2022 for which we are here.

Duke University Terms 2024-2025


registration for the summer session will begin
18 February 2019
first term classes begin
15 May 2019
regular classes meeting again
16 May 2019
memorial day holiday
27 May 2019
classes for term first end
24 June 2019
reading period
25 June 2019
Term first final examination begins
26 June 2019
Term first final examination end
27 June 2019
Second term classes begin
1 July 2019
Independence day
4 July 2019
Second term Classes end
8 August 2019
Term second final examination begins
9 August 2019
Term second final examination end
11 August 2019
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FALL 2020

orientation for new students begin
20 August 2019
fall semester classes begin
26 August 2019
Labour Day
2 September 2019
founders day
26 September 2019
Fall break begins
4 October 2019
Registration begins for spring 2020
11 November 2019
Thanksgiving recess
26 November 2019
Undergraduate classes end
6 December 2019
Final exam begins
11 December 2019
Final exam end
16 December 2019


Spring semester begins
8 January 2020, Wednesday
Martin Luther King Day
20 January 2020, Monday
Registration for summer 2020 begins
17 February 2020, Monday
Spring recess begins
6 March 2020, Friday
Classes resume
16 March 2019, Monday
Registration begins for summer 2020
1st April 2020, Wednesday
Final examination begins
27 April 2020, Monday
Final examination end
2 May 2020, Saturday
Commencement begins
8 May 2020, Friday
Conferring of degrees
10 May 2020, Sunday


Registration for summer session begins
17 February 2020, Monday
First-term classes begin
13 May 2020, Wednesday
Memorial day holiday
25 May 2020, Monday
First term final examination begins
24 June 2020, Wednesday
First term final examination end
25 June 2020, Thursday
Second term classes begin
29 June 2020, Monday
Independence Day Holiday
4 July 2020, Saturday
Second term classes end
6 August 2020 Thursday
Final examination begins
7 August 2019, Friday
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