Clemson University Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Check out Clemson University Academic Calendar 2020-2021, Clemson University is a public Institute which was established in 1889 and is having 19402 students enrolled in the undergraduate program as per the records of 2018 to 2019. The university settled in an urban area with a campus size of 17000 acres.

Clemson University Academic Calendar

Clemson University Holidays 2020-2021

As per the ranking is given by best colleges Nasha universities edition 2019 the Clemson university is positioned at 66. The tuition fees of Clemson university for in-state is 14970 dollars and for out of state it is 36724 dollars.

Clemson University is mostly famous for its research program which is done for the betterment of community apart from this there are various projects in which students and teachers of University remain involved for the improvement of the irrigation system as the bully rate in South Carolina is very low.

Clemson University Calendar 2020-2021

There are more than 400 crores and organizations for the students in which they can participate apart from these fresh ones are mandatory to reside on campus. So this was the brief introduction about the university now here we are going to provide the academic calendar for Clemson university 2020 to 2021 so that you can pre-plan your days and events.

FALL 2020

Clemson University Terms 2020-2021

19 August 2019, Monday University Convocation
19 August 2019, Monday until 20 August 2019, Tuesday Late enrollment
21 August 2019, Wednesday Classes Start
27 August 2019, Tuesday Last date to add or drop any course
3 September 2019, Tuesday Last date to add or drop any course
10 September 2019, Tuesday Last date to apply for graduation
11 October 2019, Friday Midterm evaluations
14th Oct 2019, Monday until 15th Oct 2019, Tuesday Fall break
4 November 2019, Monday Registration begins for a spring and summer semesters
27 November 2019, Wednesday until 29th Nov 2019, Friday Thanksgiving breaks
5 December 2019, Thursday until 6th Dec 2019, Friday Class meet
9 December 2019, Monday until 13 December 2019, Friday Examination Period
19 December 2019, Thursday Graduation


6 January 2019, Monday Orientation
6 January 2019, Monday until 7 January 2019, Tuesday Late enrollment
8 January 2019, Wednesday Classes start
14 January 2019, Tuesday Last day for registration
20 January 2019, Monday Martin Luther king’s day holiday
22 January 2019, Wednesday Last date to add or drop any class
29 January 2019, Wednesday Last day to apply for May commencement
28 February 2019, Friday Midterm evaluations
13 March 2019, Friday Last day to drop any class or course
16 March 2019, Monday until 20 March 2019, Friday Spring recess
4 April 2018, Saturday until 11 April Saturday 2019, Saturday Honor and Award Week
6 April 2019, Monday Registration for Fall term start
27 April 2019, Monday until 1 May 2019, Friday Examinations
6 May 2019, Wednesday until 8 May 2019, Friday


11 May 2019, Monday Late enrollment
12 May 2019, Tuesday Classes start
13 May 2019, Wednesday Last date to drop or add any course
25 May 2019, Monday Memorial Day holiday
2 June 2019, Tuesday Last date for apply graduation
15 June 2019, Monday until 19 June 2019, Friday Long summer holiday
30 June 2019, Tuesday Midterm evaluations
7 July 2019, Tuesday Last day to drop any course
29 July 2019, Wednesday Last date of classes
30 July 2019, Thursday Study Period
31 July 2019, Friday until 3 August 2019, Monday Examinations
7 August 2019, Friday Graduation period

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