Uniuyo School Fees 2024/2025 Academic & Payment Procedure

Check out the Uniuyo school fees 2024/2025 academic & payment procedure recently released by the school management of University of Uyo.

Uniuyo school fees

The management of University of Uyo (UNIUYO) has released the 2024/2025 school fees schedule for Undergraduate, Basic Studies and Pre-degree Students.

UNIUYO School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session For NEW STUDENTS & RETURNING STUDENTS

  • Tuition………………………..free free
  • Caution N2,000 NIL
  • Examination N2,500
  • Tertiary Institution
  • Social Health Insurance
  • Programme (TISHIP) N2,000
  • Student Handbook N500
  • NILStudent Union Dues N500
  • Games/Sport N700
  • Library N2,000
  • General Studies Registration
  • Handbook N3,250
  • Student Union Constitution/Books
  • N400 NILX-Ray/Lab Test N2,500
  • NILPersonal Accident Insurance Scheme N400
  • Identity Card N1,000
  • NIL Laboratory (For Science and Science Related Courses students) N2,000
  • Utilities/Services N5,000
  • Screening/Verification of Results N1,000
  • NIL University Calendar N500
  • NIL Clinical Fees (Pharmacy/Medical Students) N5,000
  • Workshop fees (Engineering and Environmental Studies) N2,000
  • Production Fees/Studio (Communication Arts, Theatre Arts, Music) N5,000
  • Finance Charge N1,000
  • Database Charge N2,000
  • ICT Project N3,000
  • Development Levy N20,000
  • Facility Management N5,000
  PAMO University of Medical Sciences School Fees 2024/2025 Academic Session


  • Accommodation/Bed Space * N 500
  • Entrepreneurial Studies I & II ** N2,000
  • Hostel Maintenance * N8,000
  • Clinical Students Hostel Charges *** NIL N20,000
  • Payable by those given hostel accommodation.
  • ** Payable by 200 Level UTME students and new Direct Entry students only.
  • *** Payable by Clinical students given hostel accommodation.

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