How To Calculate Noun Exam Results And TMA Scores

This a complete guide on How to calculate noun exam results and TMA scores, written to easy noun result calculations and result grading systems easy and understood by everyone interested. Meanwhile, Noun exam result was released a couple of hours ago.

I mean that of 2021 first semester exam results and TMA grades.

How To Calculate NOUN Exam Results & TMA Score Case Study Bachelor Degree ID Card School Courses It’s New

2021 Final Exam Timetable is out.

How To Calculate NOUN Exam Result & TMA Scores – National Open University of Nigeria

This article is meant to show you: How to Calculate NOUN TMA Scores

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How to Calculate Noun Exam 10/30/2021 How To Calculate NOUN Exam Result & TMA Scores – National Open University of Nigeria

Tutor Marked Assessment (TMAs) is a marking scheme of the national open university, and it contributes 30% of the student total marks. It’s the same as Test in other learning institutions.

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The Assignment is to be done at your pace and convince in as much as you don’t exceed the giving time (deadline) for submission because TMA submission has a closing date.

Then, the final examination takes 70% score mark hence, making TMAs necessary if a student must come out with a more excellent result. Each registered Noun courses has 4 TMA questions graded over 10, of which you must submit before the end of the semester exam.

The best three submitted TMAs will be considered and be chosen, which makes it 30.

CIT101 as an example.

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Now, S G 10/30/2021 How To Calculate NOUN Exam Result & TMA Scores – National Open University of Nigeria:

You scored 9.50 in TMA 1, 10.0 in TMA 2, 9.00 in TMA 3 and 10.0 in TMA 4 The best three(3) TMAs are 9.50, 10.0 and 10,0 – which gives the total of 29.50 So, Your TMA score for this course (CIT101) is 29.50 over 30.

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No Less.

How To Calculate NOUN Exam Results For Example

(CIT101) After the CIT101 exam, you checked your exam result and scored 95 out of 120 questions. The calculation of your exam result will go this way: What you score in the exam divided by the total number of exam question and multiplied by exam grade.

Exam score – 95 Total Number of Exam Questions – 120 Noun exam grade.

Whatever your result is from the calculation, is your exam result. Note: Follow this same method to calculate if your exam question is 100, 120 or 150. In the case of 35 questions, multiply whatever you score by 2.

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That is, if you scored 20/35, it will be 20 x 2, which is equal to 40, meaning that you score 40/70. courses with 35 exam questions are mostly Mathematics, physics or other courses with calculations. 100 and 120 exam questions are mostly 2unit courses, and 150 exam questions are 3 unit courses.

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NOUN Result Final Calculation To get a course final result grade: Add TMA Total Score + Exam Result NOUN Result Grading system 0-39. — F 40-44 — E 45-49 — D 50-59 — C 60-69 — B 70-100 – A.

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