2020_2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 13 – MONDAY, DEC 10TH, 2020

CRD101- Principles And Practice Of Co-Operatives 
ENT209- Theory Of Entrepreneurship 
ECE110- Childhood Education In Traditional African Society 
ECE231- Science In The Early Years 
BED212- Fundamentals Of Data Processing 
PED122- Primary English Curriculum And Methods
EDU258- Computer Science Methods 
PCR112- Democracy And Good Governance 
PHY192- Introductory Practical Physics II
BUS207- Business Communication
PED230- Introduction To Music In Primary School 
CIT104- Introduction To Computer Science 
ESM231- Introductory Toxicology 
TSM244- Tourist Sites: Products And Operations II
PCR272- Concept And Practice Of Peace Building 
CRD124- Introduction To Cooperatives 
ENT204- Entrepreneurship And Change Management 
EDU282- Business Education Teaching Methods
SED122- Chemistry For Integrated Science 
PED234- Man Energy And Resources 
SED223- Physics For Integrated Science 
BED111- Keyboarding
INR232- Introduction To Foreign Policy.

  YABATECH Transition To University Is At Advanced Stage

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