Esports and more: how modern betting is changing

In the modern world, sports betting is not just a form of entertainment popular among fans and fans of teams. This is a hobby that has united millions of fans from different countries. The betting market is constantly evolving, new directions are emerging, and its target audience is expanding. So, according to the bookmakers themselves, the number of people who regularly bet on sporting events is growing from year to year. Today it reaches more than half a million.

Among the main trends that contribute to the growth of the popularity of this type of hobby among sports fans, there are several.

The share of bets on eSports is steadily growing from year to year for all bookmakers. This type of entertainment has become incredibly popular all over the world, and the prize pools of some cyber tournaments exceed many sports tournaments. If you are looking for a reliable bookmaker in this field, which also offers great promos for new players, then check out Nigeria betting sites. You will find a list with all available bookmakers for you.

The desire of fans to actively support the sport

Now any fan is well aware that bets lost as a result of inaccurate or unsuccessful prediction not only form the income of the betting industry, but are also sent by bookmakers to sponsor teams, clubs and federations. And if you place bets with a bookmaker that is the general sponsor of a particular team, then you support this team.

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A special subculture has formed among fans and fans, which contributes to the growth of income in big-time sports.

Thus, in Western countries, fans unite in associations, the purpose of which is to increase sponsorship income for specific teams through the betting business. Advertising betting companies on the form of football players just has the purpose of informing the fans which team is sponsored by this particular bookmaker.

Esports boom

The growing popularity of esports competitions, especially among young betting fans, is another pronounced trend of the last 2-3 years. Moreover, we can say that this is one of the key trends in the betting market. If earlier, when mentioning sports betting, fans and fans of teams had an association only with traditional sports, now the list of competitions presented in the lists of bookmakers has become much wider. According to bookmakers, this was facilitated, among other things, by the rapid growth of network rates (online betting).

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Even 2–3 years ago, eSports betting was considered exotic. Today, they are not inferior to other species in terms of the number of people who want to make a forecast on them. Moreover, market analysts call the eSports boom a factor in the growth of the youth betting audience, which is advanced in this area and seeks to make predictions more actively.

Outstripping growth of online betting

Quarantine and the closure of physical betting halls have led to a rapid increase in online betting volumes in bookmakers’ portfolios. In recent years, one of the key tasks that bookmakers have been solving has been to complete the adaptation of rates to the mobile interface – so that any betting fan has the opportunity to place a bet from a mobile device. Now, special mobile applications for smartphones on IOS and Android are no longer news, which can be downloaded and bet from anywhere.

Mass legalization of bookmakers around the world

As bookmakers become more involved in supporting sports, the attitude of governments towards them is also visibly changing. And this is one of the most symbolic trends of the last few years among many others. For example, in the USA, the most conservative country in terms of betting, 19 states have already legalized sports betting. In Asian countries, bookmakers have been operating legally for a long time. The turn has come to Europe.

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