Tips for Choosing A Funeral Flower You Should Keep In Mind

Losing someone is sad, and you need to find a way of coping. There are many ways of copying and giving a flower arrangement is one of them. The wreath is a symbol of honor, and it can also express sympathy. Depending on your taste and preference, the flower you choose needs to portray your status. Besides, there are many funeral arrangements. Choosing a suitable one can be a tasking experience; similarly, words can sometimes fail to express your emotions, so a floral arrangement can replace them by visually expressing how you feel. Here are tips for choosing funeral flower arrangements:

The Floral Design Needs to Match the Atmosphere

There are different designs of floral arrangements, and you can choose from what you want to express. You can go for a vase arrangement in case the location of the wake to the burial site is far apart, as the vase is easy to transport. Similarly, you can go for standing sprays for wreaths if you want a colorful arrangement and if case you do not plan to take them home after the funeral because they are showy. There are also casket arrangements and photo tributes which have different effects.

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Research to Find Meaning of Specific Flowers

Giving flowers has etiquette, and it helps if you learn them to avoid being irrelevant in your floral presentation. Besides, most flowers have a definition and meaning associated with them. Remember that picking a specific flower can portray a message without reading a card attached. There are flowers like peonies meant for healing, hyacinth for sincerity, and begonias for deep thought. Combining the three in a condolence wreath will help you express all the mentioned sentiments. The relationship you had with the deceased should also guide you on the type of flower to choose.

Understanding the Funeral Itinerary Helps

When and where to send the flowers will also guide you on the type of floral arrangement to choose. Find out if you will send the wreath on the day of the wake of the burial date. Similarly, it helps if you know if you will be sending flowers to the church, surviving family home, or even the funeral home. Remember, churches and funeral homes host multiple funerals or services simultaneously, so it would be best to contact them to arrange your floral arrangement. It will also help show you where to keep the flowers to avoid inconveniences.

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Family Spiritual Belief Matters

Faith and cultural beliefs are needed to guide you on the floral arrangement to buy. Besides, each culture has to go against acceptable norms when it comes to the traditions of the deceased. Some faiths do not accept some colors of flowers, and some do not even allow floral displays at funeral homes. Accessories such as crucifixes or crosses are also not accepted by some faiths, so it is best to avoid them not to offend the bereaved family.

Avoid overdoing the flower arrangement as it may convey the wrong message. If you only know the relatives of the deceased and not the deceased, it is best to send a sympathy bouquet instead of a large arrangement. It is also best to consult with the bereaved to determine if they will accept a large gift before sending a condolence wreath.

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