Northeastern University Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Check out Northeastern University Academic Calendar 2024-2025, Northeastern University is a private Institute which was established in the year 1898 is having a total of 13825 students in an undergraduate program which is settled in an urban area along with the campus size of 73 acres approximately.

Northeastern University Academic Calendar

Northeastern University Holidays 2024-2025

Like other universities, Northeastern University also used a semester-based academic calendar and is released every year before the new session comes. Today on this page we are also going to tell you about the Northeastern University academic calendar for the coming session of 2021 to 2022. As per the edition of best colleges, national universities 2021 Northeastern University is ranked at the 44 positions.

Northeastern University believes in gaining substantial work experience for students before they get their diplomas. There are more than 90% of Undergraduates from Northeastern University who complete their professional Corporation during their college life at least one of any Corporation. Every year university also receives grants from the research by the National Science Foundation and the National Institute of Health along with the Department of Homeland security, energy, and defense.

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Northeastern University Calendar 2024-2025

The students from graduate and undergraduate program can get involved in this researches and projects of these annual research, Innovation, and scholarship. The notable aluminum of these researches includes the Talk Show host Wendy Williams professor Albert Sacco who is also the former astronaut.

Now without wasting more time that is direct goes through the academic calendar of northeastern University for the coming session of 2021 to 2022 so that students and teachers can make their own schedules as per the list of holidays and other necessary events going to held this year.

Northeastern University Terms 2024-2025

FALL 2020

Day and Date
Labour Day
2 September 2019, Monday
First day for a full semester and first half classes of the fall semester
4 September 2019, Wednesday
Columbus Day
14 October 2019, Monday
First-year final exams for the first half of fall classes
15 October 2019, Tuesday
Last day of final exams
19 October 2019, Saturday
Veterans day
11 November 2019, Monday
Spring registration begins
15 November 2019, Friday
First day of Thanksgiving recess
27 November 2019, Wednesday
Classes resume
2 December 2019, Monday
Last day for fall classes
7 December 2019, Saturday
1st day of a final examination
9 December 2019, Monday
Last day of the final examination
14 December 2019, Saturday
First day of winter break
15 December 2019, Sunday
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First day of spring classes
6 January 2020, Monday
Martin Luther King’s day
20 January 2020, Monday
Summer registration begins
14 February 2020, Friday
Presidents day
17 February 2020, Monday
First day of the final examination for the first half of spring classes
18 February 2020, Tuesday
Last year final examination
22 February 2020, Saturday
First day of the second semester of spring classes
24 February 2020, Monday
First day of spring break
1 March 2020, Sunday
Classes resume
9 March 2020, Monday
Fall registration for continuing students begins
3 April 2020, Friday
Last day of spring classes
18 April 2020, Saturday
Patriots day
20 April 2020, Monday
Final examination period
21 April 2020, Tuesday until 25 April 2020, Saturday
1 May 2020, Friday

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