Noun Graduation List For 2024/2025 Academic Session (DOWNLOAD PDF)

See the updated Noun Graduation List For 2024/2025 Academic Session.

Noun Graduation List

Is Noun 2024 Graduation List Out

The National Open University of Nigeria NOUN has released the 2024 academic session Graduation List for the 13th Convocation Ceremony.

These Noun Graduation list consist of Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Management Sciences, Faculty of Education and Faculty of LAW First Batch Graduation List.

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Download NOUN Graduation List 2024 Academic Session – 13th Convocation Ceremony

Download (PDF, 22KB)

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NOUN Graduation List 2024 Batch 2

Download (PDF, 22KB)

NOUN Graduation List 2024 Batch 3

Download (PDF, 22KB)


NOTE: All Graduates whose names where shortlisted in the list are advised to proceed with the Graduation Clearance immediately.

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Why Your Name is not on the NOUN Graduation list

  • You have Pending/Outstanding Courses.
  • You have not met the required credit units assigned to your chosen program.
  • You didn’t earn up to the required CGPA to be award a university degree.
  • You were involved in illegal activity.
  • Your name was moved to the next graduating students after being reached the desired amount of students for 2024 convocation.

How Do You Calculate Noun Results

After the CIT101 exam, you checked your exam result and scored 95 out of 120 questions. The calculation of your exam result will go this way: What you score in the exam divided by the total number of exam question and multiplied by exam grade.

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Exam score – 95 Total Number of Exam Questions – 120 Noun exam grade.

Whatever your result is from the calculation, is your exam result. Note: Follow this same method to calculate if your exam question is 100, 120 or 150. In the case of 35 questions, multiply whatever you score by 2.

That is, if you scored 20/35, it will be 20 x 2, which is equal to 40, meaning that you score 40/70. courses with 35 exam questions are mostly Mathematics, physics or other courses with calculations. 100 and 120 exam questions are mostly 2unit courses, and 150 exam questions are 3 unit courses.

NOUN Result Final Calculation To get a course final result grade: Add TMA Total Score + Exam Result NOUN Result Grading system 0-39. — F 40-44 — E 45-49 — D 50-59 — C 60-69 — B 70-100 – A.

How Can I Check My Noun Result Online

  • Go to the noun portal result checker website.
  • At the noun portal result checker website. Click on “Student Login” homepage link.
  • At the Nouonline student login page, Enter your matric number, Noun login password and Click the “Submit” button to login into the noun student portal dashboard.
  • On the Noun Portal NOUMIS Students’ Information page, Click on Courses –> My Results / View Your Results.
  • And the next opened Nounonline portal page shows you your Noun results.
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