North Carolina State University Academic calendar 2020-2021

Check out North Carolina State University Academic calendar 2020-2021, North Carolina State University is a good university in Raleigh, United States. There are many resources to be discovered in this university, like a variety of counseling and wellness programs. That is support, helping members of the team, conservations that can save lives, addressing a growing need. Almost this university has a hidden struggle on its own. NC State has been proved as one of the top colleges in the nation for undergraduates entrepreneurship, and it also comes on 11th rank.

North Carolina State University Academic calendar

University contains two programs, 300 undergraduates and graduates degree programs through 65 departments. From this university, trained soldiers of the future have also come in front of us for our nation. Another thing about this university is that the students, faculty, and staff think and do extraordinary ideas and creativity every day.

NC Carolina State University Terms 2020-2021

The academic calendar of NC Carolina State University 2020-21 is as follows:

Fall 2020 (Regular session Academic calendar)

21 August 2019, Wednesday First day of class
27 August 2019, Tuesday Last day to add a course(without permission)
02 September 2019, Monday University closed (Labor day), Holiday
04 September 2019, Wednesday Official enrollment date
09 October 2019, Wednesday Published date for Schedule of 2020 spring and summer terms
16 October 2019, Wednesday Enrollment program begins for spring and summer session 2020
18 October 2018, Friday Revision Deadline
27-29 November 2019, Wed.-Fri. Thanksgiving break (No classes)
02-06 December 2019, Mon.-Fri. Last week of the semester
11 December 2019, Wednesday Reading day
09-18 December 2019, Mon.-Wed. Final examinations
19 December 2019, Thursday Fall Commencement Exercises
20 December 2019, Friday Fall Grades due to 12:00 p.m.

Spring 2021 (Regular session)

06 January 2020, Monday10 January 2020, Friday First day of classesLast day to add any course
17 January 2020, Friday Official enrollment date
20 January 2020, Monday Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Holiday)
21 January 2020, Tuesday Classes resume at 8:30 a.m.
02 March 2020, Monday Revision Deadline
09-13 March 2020, Mon.-Fri. Spring break
11 March 2020, Wednesday Schedule for 2020 fall term published
16 March 2020, Monday Enrollment registration for 2020 Fall term begins
23 April 2020, Thursday Last day of classes
24 April 2020, Friday Reading Day
27April-05 May 2020, Mon.-Tues. Final Examinations
02-03 May 2020, Sat.-Sun. Adverse weather final exams makeup day
07 May 2020, Thursday Grades due by 12:00 p.m.
09 May 2020, Saturday Spring commencement Exercises

Summer Session 2021

22 June 2020, Monday First day of classes
23 June 2020, Tuesday Last day to add course
24 June 2020, Wednesday Official enrollment date
03 July 2020, Friday Independence Day (observed), University closed
06 July 2020, Monday Classes resume
09 July 2020, Thursday Drop/Revision classes
24 July 2020, Friday Last day of classes
27-28 July 2020, Mon.-Tues. Final exams
30 July 2020, Thursday Grades due by 12:00 p.m.

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