University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Academic Calendar 2024-2025

Check out University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Academic Calendar 2024-2025, University of Michigan – Ann Arbor is a good public institution which was established in the year 1817. As per the data the university is having around 29821 is students enrolled in the undergraduate program and the university settled in an urban area with the size 3207 acres of campus.

Check out University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Academic Calendar

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Holidays 2024-2025

As like any other University, the University of Michigan is also having a tri semester-based academic calendar which is being followed by both students and teachers. As per the best colleges, National University of 2021 edition Michigan University is ranked at 27 positions.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Calendar 2024-2025

As per the tuition fees it is having 15,262 dollars for in-state and 49350 dollars for out of state students. It takes only 45 minutes to visit University from Detroit and is known as one of the best colleges from town. The freshmen are not required to live on campus, although they can opt for it too.

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Chicken is also offering different exit programs which are highly ranked like Law School, Stephen M Ross School of Business, medical school and college of engineering along with the school of dentistry and Taubman college for architecture and urban planning. We are here providing the academic calendar of the University of Michigan – Ann Arbor for the coming session of 2021 to 2022.

University of Michigan – Ann Arbor Terms 2024-2025

Day and Date
Labour Day
2 September 2019, Monday
Classes begin
3 September 2019, Tuesday
Fall study break
14 October 2019, Monday until 15 October 2019, Tuesday
Thanksgiving break
27 November 2019, Wednesday
Classes finish
11 December 2020, Wednesday
Study period
12 December 2019, Thursday until 15 December 2019, Sunday
Examination period
13 December 2019, Friday until 20 December 2019, Friday
15 December 2019, Sunday


Classes begin
8 January 2020, Wednesday
Martin Luther King Day
20 January 2020, Monday
Vacations begin
29 February 2020, Saturday
Classes start
9 March 2020, Monday
University Honours convocation
15 March 2020, Sunday
Classes finish
21 April 2020, Tuesday
Study period
22 April 2020, Wednesday until 26 April 2020, Saturday
Examination period
23 April 2020, Thursday until 30 April 2020, Thursday
Commencement activities
30th April 2020, Thursday until 3 May 2020, Sunday
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Classes begin
5 May 2020, Tuesday
Memorial day
25 May 2020, Monday
Classes finish
22 June 2020, Monday
Study period
23 June 2020, Tuesday until 24 June 2020, Wednesday
Examination period
25 June 2020, Thursday until 26th June 2020, Friday
Spring half term finish
26 June 2020, Friday
Summer half-term classes start
1 July 2020, Wednesday
Independence Day
3 July 2020, Friday
Classes finish
18 August 2020, Tuesday
Study period
19 August 2020, Wednesday
Examination period
20 August 2020, Thursday until 21 August 2020, Friday
Full-term finish
21 August 2020, Friday

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