Updated Nigerian Navy Salary Per Month 2024/2025

Check out the Updated Nigerian Navy Salary Per Month 2024/2025 recently released by the management of the The Nigeria Navy which is headed by Vice Admiral Ibok-Ete Ekwe Ibas.

Nigerian Navy Salary Per Month

Nigerian Navy has a good salary structure. Those that work in the Nigerian Navy earn good income. If you wish to also work in the Navy, you can apply for Nigerian Navy Recruitment.
The salary Nigerian Navy pays from the highest rank structure to the lowest available position. Nigerian Navy has quite a number of ranks and pay according to their various levels.
The new Nigerian naval officers salary is paid according to their ranks from the lowest to the highest. The highest rank in the Nigerian Navy is the Admiral of the fleet while the lowest of its commissioned officer is mid-ship man.
For those interested in joining the Nigerian Navy either through their direct short service course (DSSC) or their short service course (SSC), you must be aware of the various ranks and how much a Naval personnel earn monthly or yearly.

Latest Nigerian Navy Salary Per Month

The Nigerian Navy officer salary is based on a different scale from other branches of the Nigeria Armed Forces.
  1. Commander – ₦3,380,086
  2. Captain – N3,715,859
  3. Commodore – ₦7,385,856
  4. Real-Admiral – ₦12,038,945
  5. Vice Admiral – ₦13,363,229
  6. Admiral in the Nigerian Navy – N16,303,140.
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