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Columbia University Calendar 2021-2022

Check out Columbia University Calendar 2021-2022, Columbia University is one of the best private institutions which was established in the year 1754 and is currently having 6162 students in the undergraduate program which is settled in the urban area. The campus size of Columbia University is approximately 36 acres.

Columbia University Calendar

Columbia University Holidays 2021-2022

According to the best colleges in national universities addition of 2021 Columbia University is ranked at the third position and is having tuition fees of 59430 dollars. Columbia University is located in the New York City and is comprised which three undergraduate schools which are named as Columbia college, school of general studies and the Fu foundation school of engineering and applied science.

It is also having highly ranked professionals and number of graduates from the schools like Business School, Law School, Teachers College and college of physicians and surgeons. Columbia University is also having a College of Dental medicine and graduate journalism School which is a well regarded School. For the Welfare of student Columbia is also offering a wide range of activities which includes 25 Greek chapters and live students on campus more than 90%.

Columbia University Calendar 2021-2022

Today, on this page we are going to provide you the academic calendar of Columbia University for the academic session 2021-2022 for both fall and spring terms.

Autumn Term 2020-2021

Events Start Date End Date
LLM registration & orientation 12 August 2019 13 August 2019
First day of LLM classes 14 August 2019
J. D registration 19 August 2019 21 August 2019
Start of 1st year J. D classes 22 August 2019
Last day of 1st year JD class legal methods 30 October 2019
October 2019 degree candidates 1 September 2019
Labor day 2 September 2019
Fall term classes begin, autumn term 4 September 2019
Last day to file an application for Ph.D., Ed.D 5 September 2019
Last day to add and drop a course 17 September 2019
Request for late registration 18 September, 2019
Fall semester payment due date 20 September 2019
Last day to submit Master of philosophy paperwork 27 September 2019
Last day to change points in a variable point 1 October 2019
Doctoral Certificate Examination 11 October 2019
Award of October degrees and certificates 16 October 2019
Midterm date, autumn term 17 October 2019
Thanksgiving break 27 November 2019 29 November 2019
Autumn term ends 20 December 2019
Termination of occupancy in teacher college residence halls 21 December 2019
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Columbia University Terms 2020-2021

Spring Term 2020-2021

Registration for the spring term 2 December 2019
The due date for completion of the integrative project 2 January 2020
Beginning of occupancy in teachers college residence 19 January 2020
Martin Luther King’s Day 20 January 2020
New student orientation program 21 January 2020
Classes begin, spring term 22 January 2020
Last date to file an application for February Ph.D., Ed.D 23 January 2020
Spring semester payment due date for tuition, fees, etc 7 February 2020
Award of February degrees and certificates 12 February 2020
Midterm date or spring term 5 March 2020
First day of spring holidays 15 March 2020
Last day of spring holidays 22 March 2020

Summer Term 2020-2021

Registration for summer term 27 April 2020
Summer welcome session for A and B 18 May 2020
Session A course begins 21 May 2020
Payment due date for tuition, fees etc 22 May 2020
Last day to file an application for June Ph.D. and EdD program 22 May 2020
Memorial Day 25 May 2020
Session B course begins 6 July 2020
End of summer session course B 14 August 2020
Termination of occupancy 15 August 2020

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