Haleyville City Schools Calendar 2024-2025

Check out Haleyville City Schools Calendar 2024-2025, Haleyville City School is a school district in Winston County, Alabama, United States which serves throughout the country and awarded as the best school with PK-12 grades. Haleyville City School is a public school with have 15 branches and approximately 15243 students studying here with 1,119 teachers staff.

Haleyville City Schools Calendar

Haleyville City School Holidays 2024-2025

Haleyville City School was established in the year 1883 with a motive to well educate the students so that they can have a better future life. The Motto of Haleyville City School is “Believe, Create, Succeed” which helps in the development of students and teachers fitness. It serves the students who come from around the world with a motive to gain knowledge and enlarge within a community.

The mission of Haleyville City School is to guide all students and achieve excellence in the education system. Whenever I think about better education the first thing that comes to my mind is HCS which is having highly classified educated teachers and staff members with an annual budget of $250 million dollars.

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Through my studies, I get to know that Haleyville City School is the 7th largest school in Alabama with a lot more students and staff member with a ratio of 13:1. This ratio between the students and the teachers helps in keeping focus within each and every individual by which they can focus on their goal and have better knowledge and education.

Haleyville City School Calendar 2024-2025

Haleyville City School has standards quality curriculum structure which helps the students and the staff with academic changes and helps in performing academic events and other sports activities. HCS offered a long range of career program with Strategic Plannings which helps in developing Student Success.

As we know that today I am with the information which consists of Holiday Calendar for the session 2024-2025 by which you all get to know about what are the changes that need to be performed in this year. This calendar contains information like when school started, when is winter breaks, etc. Below is the schedule by which you can easily get to know what are the changes performed in this session 2024-2025:

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Haleyville City School Terms 2024-2025

        First Day of School
    8 Aug 2019 (Thursday)
        Thanksgiving Break
    27 Nov 2019 (Wednesday)
      29 Nov 2019 (Friday)
         Christmas Break
    20 Dec 2019 (Friday)
       3 Jan 2020 (Friday)
         Mid-Winter Break
    14 Feb 2020 (Friday)
     17 Feb 2020 (Monday)
         Spring Break
    23 Mar 2020 (Monday)
      27 Mar 2020 (Friday)
         Last Day of School
    21 May 2020 (Thursday)

These are the schools which are best in the education system and it was always a dream for me to study in those schools and have an education. Apart from this, the schedule which I have provided to you above is also available in PDF and Doc format which helps in downloading easily and can take a photocopy of it. And if you feel there is any problem related to schedule then you may contact us through a mail or comment us which is below provided.

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Further, I which you all the very best for your future, choose the best school which is suitable for you and if you find a problem you can go through the school official website.

Feel free to share Haleyville City Schools Calendar 2024-2025.

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