How To Upgrade Jamb Score 2024/2025

I saw a jamb aspirant searching how to upgrade jamb score 2021 on Google yesterday, I wasn’t surprised because Nigeria students no longer read again.

We just want to jump and pass, without asking what will be the outcome after I jump and pass. Many students and jamb aspirants don’t ask themselves this questions till they are scammed.

How To Upgrade Jamb Score 2024/2025

How can you be stupid up to the extent that how to upgrade jamb score 2021 is real, how could you believe that crap?

Because of ignorance, scammers are getting richer and always dupe thousands of people daily, and yet someone still believes in this type of magic.


Medicine and Surgery, as we all know, is one of the most competitive courses in Nigerian Universities. This is due to the high professional skills that are attached to the curriculum of the course.

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Apart from being competitive, it is also demanding as you have to give it full participation in order for you to succeed well. Thus, there is the need for you to have a pre and post awareness in order for you to know whether you are capable of the course or not. Now that the virtual UTME scores have been released, you have to do a thorough investigation of the JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery in order for you to know the next line of action to carry out.

Even though most of the universities have not released their JAMB cut off marks for medicine and surgery, you and I know that this course is a lucrative one and as such competition surrounding it will not be a small joke. If you are not sure of what the cut off mark for this year will be, I think you are not alone.

JAMB over the years usually set a certain cut off mark for all universities in Nigeria and they usually make use of 180 as the general cut off mark. However, do not forget the schools have the ability to set their own cut off. This implies that the 180 JAMB set as the cut off mark is like the minimum mark that they must work with. Now, depending on the type of course and the type of university, hence the cut off mark that will be set. However, in case of Medicine and Surgery, most of the university usually set a high score / JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery in order to study the course. That is, apart from the general score, you must also prepare your mind to have far much more than the cut off mark.

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So please jamb upgrade is a pure scam, don’t fall for it, forget about the proofs they show you, it’s all fake and photoshop.

I hope you now believe that how to upgrade jamb score 2021 is fake.

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