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Solution to project issue NOUN Students

Solution to project issue noun. Please note that all issues regarding projects should be directed to Dr Samaila Mande, the Ag. Dean, School of Post Graduate Studies. For further information, please contact: or call 080115032088, 08106180130 Signed Mgt.

MTH 241 Past Questions/Answers

FBQ1: A convergent sequence has only ________________ limit(s) Answer: One FBQ2: If a sequence {Xn} is convergent then it is________________ Answer: Bounded FBQ3: A sequence {(-1)n} is__________________________ FBQ5: The sequence converges to ________________ Answer: Bounded FBQ4: A sequence is ________________ Answer: convergent Answer: 0.5 FBQ7: Every Cauchy sequence is ________________. FBQ6: is ________________  Answer: 0.5 …

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How To Apply For The Collection of NOUN 2021 NYSC Exclusion Letters

See how to apply for the collection Of NOUN 2021 NYSC exclusion letter.  This is to inform all Noun graduands whose name have appeared on the graduation list. This is to notify you that the procedure leading to the collection of 2021 NYSC Exclusion Letters is ongoing. Registration Ends on 28th December 2021.

Inclusion of NOUN Graduate exit Survey in Clearance Process

See how to access Noun graduate exit survey. This is to inform all Students that, they can now explore the Graduate Exit Survey and Employers Feedback Survey. Check Out: Important Message From NOUN Management To All Students They can be assessed at and Thank you. Check Out: How To Retrieve NOUN EDU Portal Login Password …

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