What Students Can Do to Maintain Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity! An uncompromisable set of principles. No matter which educational institute you are studying, it can compromise on anything, not academic integrity.

Academic integrity is the foundation of academia. The whole building can collapse if everyone starts undermining it. That’s why education institutes show zero tolerance to all those who don’t care about academic integrity while creating assignments or research work.

As a student, if you want to maintain academic integrity, this article is for you. It will help you learn some tricks to ensure academic integrity and avoid any harmful consequences of undermining it.

So, let’s start!

Carefully Read All the Guidelines

Most problems related to academic integrity occur when students don’t read all the guidelines provided by their institutions and start working on their assignments. 

Whenever you have to write a project, you must read all the guidelines. That’s how you can easily understand everything about it.

For example, it can help you know what sources to use, the plagiarism limit, how to conduct research, and which chapters you should add to your work. When you know these things, you can avoid plagiarism and make your work more credible and authentic.

It can help you find relevant and helpful material that can make the assignment creation process easier and quicker. Moreover, that material can also assist in ensuring academic integrity and preventing all sorts of plagiarism. 

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Put Effort into Research

Research is the best solution to most of your problems related to academic integrity. But unfortunately, those who don’t put effort into research usually try to rely on cheating. As they don’t have the subject knowledge and don’t want to gain it, they copy others’ work, modify them, and submit them as it is. Moreover, many don’t even read what is written in those articles.

In contrast, those who spend time researching and gaining knowledge don’t want to ruin their efforts and create extraordinary assignments. They also make their work more authentic and credible by citing others’ studies. Moreover, they don’t struggle to write all the chapters as they already have enough knowledge to cover the topic efficiently.

Therefore, to maintain academic integrity, you must put effort into research, and the results will speak in your favour.

Must Check for Plagiarism

The most crucial tip for maintaining academic integrity. Unfortunately, the assignments you create have some intentional and unintentional plagiarism instances. These plagiarism instances can undermine academic integrity. To ensure academic integrity, you must check the assignments for plagiarism using a trusted plagiarism checker.

Most online plagiarism checkers are not sophisticated and reliable as they claim. They are unable to detect plagiarism in the given documents. Their database is limited, and they cannot access most books and online journals. That’s why you must avoid relying on their plagiarism reports.

Instead, you should use a plagiarism detector that most students and academic institutes prefer. However, even if you choose a free plagiarism tool, you must know its credibility. Only credible and advanced tools can help you detect all sorts of plagiarism in your assignments and let you know which parts need revision or paraphrasing.

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Follow the Right Reference Style

Following the correct reference style can also help you maintain academic integrity. For example, when you quote other authors in your studies, you have to write them properly to indicate plagiarism tools that you have maintained academic integrity and don’t copy others’ content without referring to them.

Many students don’t follow the right reference and formatting style. So, when they submit their assignments and their teachers check them for plagiarism, the plagiarism tools highlight all the quotes and show plagiarism in them. To avoid the hassle, you must follow the formatting and writing style and cite all the studies correctly.

Avoid Using AI Tools for Writing

Recently, many students have started using AI tools, especially ChatGPT, to write their assignments. Although ChatGPT is an excellent tool for writing, it is not for academic work. Academic work requires students’ and researchers’ own effort and originality. That’s why most academic institutes and journals don’t accept AI-written content. So, they use different tools to check AI plagiarism in the given studies, and then they decide whether to mark or publish them. 

If you use AI tools for writing, you may fail to maintain academic integrity, and your institute may call you for an explanation. If you are found guilty, you may face consequences. That’s why it is suggested to refrain from using AI tools for academic work, especially for assignments and research articles.

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Don’t Wait for the Last Day

Some students deliberately delay their assignments and wait for the last day to write them. This is because they want to avoid writing them and wait for some miracles.

However, miracles don’t happen in such situations. So, on the last day, they have to write them, and when they start writing them, they realize that they have wasted their time and it is not possible to complete assignments or projects in only one day.

When they have no option left, most of them decide to deceive their teachers by using unethical methods. Those unethical methods are usually harmful to academic integrity. For example, at that time, they plagiarize others’ work, use AI writing tools, hire freelancers to write assignments, etc. 

All these tactics can harm academic integrity. That’s why students must not delay their assignments and start working on them as soon as possible. This practice can help them manage all the work in a better way.


Usually, some students don’t want to put effort into research and pass with good grades. Unfortunately, their procrastination and obsession with good grades force them to steal others’ work and forget the most crucial thing, academic integrity. No matter what, they must not compromise on academic integrity. Otherwise, they may have to face serious repercussions.

Ensuring academic integrity in your work isn’t difficult at all. You only need to clearly understand your assignments and research topics, use proper formatting and reference style, and avoid using every unethical trick when writing your assignments. That’s how you can not only maintain academic integrity but also get the desired grades.

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