How To Activate Union Bank Transfer Code

Many are searching for what is union bank transfer code while some are searching for what is the transfer code for union bank and many other keywords and I don’t know what you searched for but am sure is related to transfer code for union bank which is why I published this blog post to help my readers.

union bank transfer code

How To Activate Union Bank Transfer Code

The code to transfer money from union bank is the ussd you will dial using your mobile phone which the sim or mobile number linked to your account is inserted to, with this code you can check your bank account balance, buy airtime and perform other services.

You are amazed right? Because you just read and know all the magic the union bank ussd transfer code can do for you in the comfort of your home or office, but we are not yet done, so chill and relax.

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How To Register Union Bank Ussd Code For Transfer

You are now curious because you don’t know how to activate ussd code for union bank money transfer but I’ve got you covered because activation is as simple as ABC, all you need to do is to just dial *826# using the mobile phone linked to your account and select 1 and follow instructions, after that your activation is complete.

Now you are free to start performing all the magic I listed above with ease and don’t forget to share the union bank ussd code for transfer to other banks with your families and friends.