Tonto Dikeh Phone Number & Tonto Dikeh Whatsapp Number

I believe you landed here because you have been searching for tonto dikeh phone number or her whatsapp number, which you might have heard that is impossible to get. Well is over, because nothing is impossible and the only thing you can’t get is what you don’t want to get. So after the long search, is all over today because this post contains tonto dikeh latest phone number, whatsapp number and where she lives.

You might be wondering how I got the real phone number of the Nigerian actress, filmmaker and singer and what’s my relationship with her, actually we are not relations neither am I her die hard fan but I have a friend who is very close to her who I told how nollywood lovers have been searching for the phone number of the beautiful actress but all to no avail and he gave me her phone number.


tonto dikeh phone number

The tonto phone number has many uses, if you are a die hard fan of nollywood or have a business to advertise, you can call her for advertisements deals if you’ve got money, you know what it means when people see celebrity advertising your products? Your products will sell fast, Anyway that’s not all, you can also ask her to help you join nollywood, which is the main reason many Nigerians are looking for her latest phone number.

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For those anticipating to join tonto dikeh in the nollywood that don’t know much about tonto dikeh, here are few things you should know about her, tonto dikeh was born on 9 June 1985 in Ikwerre, Nigeria and she was featured in a movie titled Dirty Secret, which generated controversy among Nigerians due to its inclusion of adult scenes. While some people criticized her role for being nontraditional and un-African, others stated that Dikeh was merely being professional.[

Tonto Dikeh Phone Number & Tonto Dikeh Whatsapp Number

The question you are asking yourself now might really be if this is dream or reality, if my guess is correct. But I assure you that this is not dream but reality, although tonto dikeh is a celebrity but that doesn’t mean you can’t get her phone number, you can get her latest phone number because she is a human being just like you.

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And remember, though tonto dikeh is kind hearted, she gets angry easily and doesn’t like it when people misbehave. So when you call her, behave yourself and don’t ask silly questions, just greet her and go straight to the point and trust me, she will respond you the way beautiful ladies does.

tonto dikeh whatsapp number

You might be wondering how I know all these, well like I explained above, my friend is really close to the tonto dikeh, so I know many things about her through my friend.

How To Get Tonto Dikeh Phone Number

We have finally landed to the real deal and I believe many questions are popping up on your mind now, questions like, how much will I tell you to pay to give you the phone number, will I scam you after payment, will I really deliver. This is all you might be asking yourself now but is useless because you won’t pay a dime to get the real phone number you searched for and landed here.

I got her phone number for free, so why will I ask you to pay? Is it because we believe that nothing goes for free in our country, don’t think like that because some things are still free, even though nothing is free in Freetown but little things like celebrity phone number is still free in our country.

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Also, anybody asking you to pay to give you a celebrity number in Nigeria is scammer and you shouldn’t fall for such scam, always be wise because our economy is bad and people are hungry.

Tonto Dikeh Latest Phone number

Below is the phone number of the filmmaker as it was given to me by my friend and the number is only available during the day because I have called severally in the night and wasn’t answered. The number is 08087657867 and went through the last time I called.

Tonto Dikeh Whatsapp Number

You can also chat tonto dikeh on whatsapp because whenever she is free, she always comes online on whatsapp to gist and chat about many things with her die hard lovers. Her Whatsapp number is 08065454534 and whenever you send a message, always wait for her to reply before dropping another one or she will block you.

Now you have finally gotten tonto dikeh phone number and tonto dikeh whatsapp number, please visit Musicians Phone Number to see more phone numbers of celebrities.

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